CASS is a certification from the USPS for mailing lists. When we process address lists using software that is CASS Certified, we are able to obtain bulk mail discounts from the USPS. CASS software will standardize your mailing list, update outdated addresses, and verify that addresses are valid and complete. NCOA, National Change of Address (NCOALink®) is a process whereby postal customers can let the USPS know of an upcoming or already-occurred move. This is done so that the USPS knows where to forward First Class mail after the intended recipient has moved. All Right Mailing has access to this data and processes their lists through NCOA to insure the accuracy of the recipient and to obtain postal discounts.
Data Entry
We offer a service for data entry of printed addresses to help create a datafile to be used for mailing purposes. This is especially helpful when only a printed list becomes available.
The printing market options can be large and overwhelming. Let us helps select options for your cards, brochures, envelopes and letterhead that will make your message pop. Gold foiling, perforating and other printing techniques all done on site.
Digital Printing
All Right offers on-site digital printing for your mailing projects. This high quality service allows for the printing of large or small quatities with very fast turnaround at a competitive price. The other advantage is that each piece may be customized to allow for variable information throughout the piece that changes from piece to piece.
Signs, Banners & Wall Graphics
Having multiply wide format equipment options for producing your Banners, lawn signs, decals, window signs and more give us the versatility you need. We can offer not only an array of material to print on but offer suggestions and ideas to meet objectives within your budget.
Graphic Design
With a graphic design work done on site, we not only can give you fast turnaround but allow you to work with professionals that not only know the graphic industry but direct mail marketing as well as postal regulations to obtain the best messaging.
First Class, Standard & Nonprofit
All Right offers all classes of mail as well as the use of our permit eliminating the need to obtain your own permit.
A large array of services can be performed from kitting, and order processing to hand inserting.
Ink Jet Addressing & Inserting
Ink jet addressing of addresses, return addresses and indicia’s with generic and match inserting both machinable and hand work.
List Brokerage
All Right will provide you with the addresses that you need, from basic resident lists to specific criteria searches.
Metering & Stamp Affix
As an option other than permit mail, All Right offers live metering as well as stamp affix for all classes of mail. This might be just what the piece needs to give it that personal touch.
Mail Merge
Personalized letters can be printed inhouse both color and black & white with variable data and match inserted into and outer envelope. Whether it is just a letter or multiple pieces that need to match we handle it all. We use state of the art camera matching equipment to insure the accuracy of match inserting.
Postal Discounts
Through our state of the art software we are able to obtain the highest level of discount on your mailing pieces.
State of the Art Equipment
We are constantly updating our equipment to insure that we are able to process quickly and effiecently and in turn offering the most competitive price available. Although the industry has changed little over the years we like to think we have stayed ahead of the industry.
HIPAA Compliant
We operate with in HIPAA compliance insuring that our medical clients’ needs are met with the scrutiny that is required. This includes regular training and testing of employees, protected secure data practices and outside service compliance evaluations.

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About Doug

Owner Douglas Spink entered the mailing industry in 2001 with the goal of delivering a high level of service to meet the demands of the mailing industry. Educated at Boston College and with a past history of owning multiple businesses, Doug has the insight to truly understand what the consumer is looking for. Over the years the business has changed not only with the economic times but in meeting the ever-changing demands of our customers. The biggest change was streamlining the experience for the customer. For the customer that is within the printing industry and needs to foster a partnership to handle their mailing needs, All Right Mailing treats every one of their jobs as if it was our own. All Right ensures that the customer’s timely demands are met and that pricing is kept on a competitive level. For the individual, company or institution, All Right knows that sometimes all a customer wants to do is hand the job over and not be bothered with the details. For the customer who says, “Just take care of it and let me know when it is in the mail”, All Right is the right choice. All Right Mailing will handle the job providing the list data, mail processing and printing arrangements becoming a one stop operation.

Having been very strongly involved with nonprofit organizations, Doug has always tried to deliver that extra effort. This includes not only providing discounting but ensuring that the process is done in the most economical method available as well as utilizing all available postal discounts. This has helped this segment of All Right Mailing’s business show steady growth over the years along with the rest of the business.

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