MAIL Services

Mailing is how All Right got its start. For over 20 years, we have had to review printed pieces to ensure they meet postal regulations, integrity to survive the United States Postal processing and to deal with messaging to elicit the highest response. Our mailing services are catered to our customers’ projects and their needs. This helps us recommend a handling method that can often save processing time and in most cases savings to our customers. The United States Postal Service keeps a score card on mailers. This score card is not only a reflection of the processing the mail according to postal regulations, but a vehicle to determine discount allowed on postage. All Right is proud to have maintained a perfect score card enabling All Right to pass along the maximum postal discounts saving customers thousands of dollars over the years.

It is all about the data when looking at mail piece results. We start by processing the mailings through CASS & NCOA. All Right’s software uses the post office’s latest updates to improve address quality and correct addresses for those customers that have moved through our link with the National Change Of Address portal. Nothing affects the rate of return on mailing more than reaching the correct recipient and doing this without duplicates. Customers can request the removal of duplicates or the combining of multiple individuals at the same address, so all names appear on the piece, but only one piece is mailed to that location. This could add a major postal savings.

All Right has the systems in place to handle projects requiring HIPAA compliance. Regular auditing is completed on processing procedure. Becoming a facility that processed HIPAA Compliant work instantly was a benefit to our other customers. Most, if not all of the processing procedures we use for HIPAA Compliance are also used on our non-HIPAA complaint jobs, giving everyone the best services possible.

Not everyone has their own target mailing list. For years, All Right has offered list brokerage among their mail services and is still a source for databases for many printers in the area. Knowing what data is available and how to extract it, makes this service a valuable one. Pulling household lists for residential mailings using income, home value or occupant characteristics is performed regularly. What really makes All Right’s list service different is the ability to offer propensity or characteristic databases such as the available liquid funds of an individual to invest or the likelihood of prospect to purchase a specific service or product.  We can even pull databases based on hobbies or specific car ownership.

Ink jet addressing, tab affixing, inserting, custom or hand inserting, stamp affixing and match mailings are all basic mailing services we offer. Although kitting and fulfilment requests have decreased over the years, we still offer those services should our clients request them. We have the equipment and ability to handle your mailing project big or small.

All Right does not charge an additional fee to use our mailing permit. In fact, we encourage it. Mailings processed under our permit have shown to go faster and have less issues. We also waive a delivery fee to the post office on customers using our permit. Customers with nonprofit status from the post office are permitted to use our nonprofit permit.